Superoots® Air-Pots -
A Revolution in Container Growing
Air-Pot side view

Superoots® Air-Pots - The Cutting Edge

We are delighted to present these revolutionary plant growing containers here with images, design, uses and availability information. Superoots® Air-Pots are ideal for plant fanciers, gardeners, and growers of nursery stock. We use these remarkable containers to grow our own nursery stock. Our personal success with them is one of the main reasons we promote Superoots® Air-Pots.

We welcome your visit here and hope you learn all you can about what the Superoots® Air-Pots can contribute to your plant growing success.

Watch the informative YouTube video, Superoots Air-Pots to learn more about the benefits of using Air-Pots instead of standard nursery pots.

Note! At this time the only units we can offer for sale is the special purchase 3 gallon (12.5 liter) Air-Pots.

Special Overstock Purchase Offer!
We have these units in bundle quantities (50/bundle) available NOW for immediate purchase and delivery. Click on 12.5 liter (3 gallon) Air-Pots By The Bundle!

News and updates

Note also that the overstock special 3 gallon units were stored outside before we obtained them and hence may show outdoor dust/dirt and/or slight discoloration. They are not "used pots", however, and are otherwise fully functional and usable.

Please note that we have instituted a minimum order of one bundle (50 units).

Trees in Superoots® Air-Pots

All of the pictured examples of plants and/or trees were actually grown by us in these containers. The Rainbow Eucalyptus trees shown here are available for sale on our sister site, Rainbow Eucalyptus. For additional information on purchasing Superoots® Air-Pots, please click Availability and Purchase Info.

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Caledonian Tree Company

The Superoots® Air-Pots are manufactured by the Caledonian Tree Company in Scotland, and imported into the USA. Please visit for details on the originators of the Superoots® Air-Pot.